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I make cool designs and write interesting articles. My superpower is to understand the desires of clients, even if they themselves do not know what they want. I'm a creative person with structural thinking. And I really love cats. Glad to meet new people!

My Principles



The topic should be relevant to the modern reader and give him answers to his questions. Otherwise, why write about it?)



The text should be useful so the person after reading it should say: "Oh yes, that's what I’ve wanted to know."



The text should not contain complex and incomprehensible constructions or unnecessary clarifications that interfere with the perception of information. Everything should be on the topic of the article.



It is important to be sincere with the reader and want to help him, to give him what he is looking for. Then the reader may feel that it is not just empty text.


Understanding the audience

To write a great article, you need to understand who you are writing it for. When you have this understanding, then you are on the same wavelength as the reader and can speak the same language.


Visual side matters

I always try to provide visuals for the texts – they have to supplement the message I try to convey and be functional & relevant.

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Some will say that it's just a certificate, but I will say that behind it is hard work, practice, successful and unsuccessful attempts, which ultimately lead to better work than yesterday.

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A few words about me and my attitude to work

I'm lucky with clients who don't know what they want. The client comes and everything that he wants is to be beautiful. Can you imagine how different our concept of beauty is? :) But this does not scare me.

And thanks to the fact that I love people and the desire to do quality work, I catch their thoughts. Therefore, the result hits them right in the heart. I love my job and clients.


Feel free to contact me any time. We will get to you as soon as we can!

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